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The future of food lies in the ocean. Seaweed is a sustainable superfood that is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  Our wild-harvested seaweeds are not only good for you, they bring colour, flavour and texture to your food.


Professional Chefs
We are very privileged to supply some of the most innovative and creative chefs in Norway. Our famous truffle seaweed featured in the Bocuse d’Or competition «chef of the year 2017» setting the standard for all of our products.
We are proud to work with incredible chefs such as Øyvind Dalelv at Statholdergaarden, Ola Klepp at Renaa and Roy Magne Berglund at Lofoten Food studio and look forward to working with you too!


Food Producers
Let’s ‘desushify’ seaweed! Seaweed is packed full of nutrients and is incredibly versatile. It will add an extra dimension to your chocolate, cooking oil, chips, sausages or whatever else you had in mind!
We are proud to supply talented and creative food producers such as Craig Alibone, Republic of Fish and Champagne Pikene.
We provide up to 8 different types of seaweed and can provide whole leaf or milled, depending on customers needs. Just let us know what size and volume you need!


Our packaging was inspired by the ocean and the winter arctic light. It has a beautiful soft finish with a metallic label that looks beautiful on shelves.
Our core values are sustainability and quality and this extends to our packaging. We aim to use as little plastic as possible and avoid any excess packaging.

We would love to talk seaweed with you!

Please contact us at post@lofotenseaweed.com for more information and a price list.