From Lofoten, weed love

Based in Napp and surrounded by local, coastal fishermen, we are taking the Lofoten food tradition one step further. The future of food lies in the ocean. Our seaweed is wild harvested in the cold Arctic waters surrounding the Lofoten archipelago. Our vision is to bring innovative, easy-to-use seaweed products to your table - adding flavour and nutrition to your everyday meal as well as your gourmet adventure.

Working towards that goal, we feel very privileged to provide seaweed to some of the most creative and pioneering chefs in Norway.

Our products

Bilde umami

Lofoten Umami

Bilde Troffel salt2

Ocean Truffle Salt

Bilde Ocean troffel

Fresh Ocean Truffle

tamara angelita1001

Our Seaweed Story

Founded only a short year ago, Lofoten Seaweed Company was built on the heritage of two island girls from two very different backgrounds. One grew up playing in the seaweed-covered shores of Lofoten, while the other had it served to her on porcelain plates by her Japanese mother.

When Angelita and Tamara both ended up living back in Lofoten, they took the plunge to start a company together. Although occasionally mind-numbingly cold, they now do what they love, every day.